Why Custom Cabinets?


Kitchen and bathroom cabinets aren’t just a way to store all of your stuff. They make up the way you organize your life


Why custom is better

It really comes down to what kind of kitchen or bathroom life you want. Some people are fine with one size fits all. They don’t appreciate the fit a well-made suit or having a special place for everything. That’s fine.

But some people want an organized life that simplifies the details. Like Marie Kondo, it sparks joy. It imposes order and gives you peace of mind that is really a different way of life.

Apart from the custom design, there’s the build quality we hold ourselves to. The feel of a great finish under your finger-tips, the durability of the materials used and the flexibility you want in your design all make for something more in life. If you only want some boxes to hold your pots and pans, then almost anything would work. However, custom cabinets go far beyond cookie-cutter boxes.

Only the Best

Real Wood, Real Finishes

Sometimes the old proven ways are the best. Our construction uses cabinet grade wood that we hand select for each project. It’s just better. 

We also constantly look for new ways to make construction better. Our paint and finishing products are the best for building a lasting product for you that works for your everyday life.


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